Peace and War in the Heartland - Supporters


The following have given generously to the support of PWH. All contributions are tax deductible.



Keillor, Garrison &
Nilsson, Jenny Lind
Hooper, Alan
St. Paul Foundation/Wallin Family

Center for Arts and Medicine - Prof. Mary Faith Marshall
Center for Bioethics - Prof. Steven Miles, M.D.
& Karen Howard, U of Minneosta

Clark, Eddie
Kaplan, Samuel
Sherman, Mark
Wolfe, Noman

Bergland, Betty
Blodgett, William
Connolly, Carol
Griffith, Suzanne
Hakcom, Thomas
Hartnett, Cathie
Institute of Vocal Arts
McEwen, Gregory
Morris, Mary
Ofstedal, Donald
Schad, Paula

Clemens, Stephen
Gabrielson, Henry
Jirak, Helen
Kinney, Sarah
Maiers, Colleen
Naughton, Richard
Phillips, Deanna
Westminster Press

Berge, Peter
Bernard, Richard
Bohaty, Anthony
Boss, Pauline
Bujold, Tyrone
Cottrell, Margaret
Erdahl, Lowell
Great Goods, Inc.
Hall, Edward
Hunt, Mary
Hunt, William
Husband, Donald
Larsen, John
Linud, Peggy
Longtin, Brent
Maxwell, Robert
Moor, Ronald
Ojile, Fred
Rowley, Coleen
Shaughnessy, Terrence
Sindt, Carol Wold
Steele, Javetta
Swanson, Bruce
Wolhart, Dayna
Yackel, John & Eleanor
Zvosec, Deborah

Berg, Jennifer
Brink, Charles
Cheney, K.
Culligan, Molly
Dominican Fathers
Erickson, Todd
Goldin, Phyliss
Halverson, Alex
Hansen, Kathleen
Johnson, Larry
Johnson, Prudence
Keyworth, Robin
Loen, Marilyn
Melom, Gary
Moore, Marian
Reindl, Leslie
Ritsau, Kevin
Salvucci, Pauline
Slater, Robert
Sofio, Frank & Martha
Thornton, Arlene
Weissbrodt, David
Whalen, James

As of March 25, 2008




The military Selective Service Draft has been activated!

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