"Minnesota 8" Celebration - Recognition & Awards - Saturday, February 23, 2008


This is a free pre-play event, at 6:30 at Rarig Center, honoring the history of anti-war, peace-making and nonviolent activism in Minnesota. It links the Sixties '60 with the Ought-Sevens '07.

The objective is to ground everyone in the reality of our shared and mutually created history of Resistance and nonviolent peace-making activities. A special book-of-names, the "Peace-makers' Testimony," will be open for every nonviolent and peace-making activist to sign. This is the first step in creating a family history of the names of Minnesota activists.

Then, awards based upon the themes of the "Minnesota 8" trials, and the "Peace and War in the Heartland" project, will be given out. Certain trial witnesses and participants will receive awards and then turn and bestow one on a current activist who is carrying forth their message. For example, Dan Ellsberg, a trial witness, will receive a "Resist Illegitimate Authority!" award and hand one to .... (you'll have to attend to find out). Likewise for the living-legend of nonviolence, Marv Davidov. Also, our esteemed trial lawyer, Ken Tilsen will be honored.

Come and celebrate with us!



6:30 - 7:30 pm
at Rarig Center before the 8:00 pm play performance


Honoring draft resisters, draft raiders, Conscientious Objectors and peace-makers from the Sixties '60s to the Ought-sevens '07.

Special events: the introduction of the


"Peace-makers' Testimony, Minnesota 2007"

  • a special book recording the names of peacemakers up to today
  • a public record of all who have been involved with peace-making in Minnesota
  • that will be continually added to at future public peace celebrations
Come and sign!


"Resist Illegitimate Authority!" awards

  • a series of awards given by a witness at the trial of the Minnesota 8 to individuals or organizations who continue to represent that witness, e.g., Daniel Ellsberg will hand an award to a current public servant whistleblower; Marv Davidov will hand an award to a current teacher of nonviolence, and so forth






NOTE: You do NOT have to attend the play to attend the "Celebration." You can see the play any night. On this night, the play begins at 8 p.m. right after the "Celebration."





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